This Repository

The USGIN document repository is a web site that allows uploading of documents for use by the Geoscience Information Network community. A metadata record for the document must be created as part of the upload process, and this metadata will be harvested into the USGIN Catalog.  Anyone wishing to make documents accessible to the network may us this site as a repository to host the document.

This site was created initially as a repository for documents describing the design and function of the US Geoscience Information Network. With the advent of the DOE-funded Association of American State Geologists Geothermal Data Project in 2009, its role expended to include registering and depositing documents for the National Geothermal Data System (NGDS). As the NGDS grew, a separate repository was created to maintain data for the AASG partners participating in the project. We intend that this repository will be a persistent web-accessible resource that will be maintained long term as part of the USGIN infrastructure.

  • How do I use this repository?

In order to upload documents, a user must be registered with the repository; online registration has been disabled for security reasons; please contact the administrator using the contact us link. Registration must be approved by the system administrator. An e-mail will inform you when your registration is approved, with a link to follow for your first log-in. Please set your password at this point. Once registered and logged in, you may proceed to the 'Dashboard' (follow link on main navigation bar at the top of the page), and create a new collection or request to join an existing collection.  All documents are created in the context of a collection. The collection associates the background metadata with the document- contact organization, names, etc., to make creation of new metadata records easier. Please see the tutorial for more guidance on the metadata creation process (Tutorial is for a somewhat different metadata scheme, but the interface operates in the same way).