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The party to contact with questions about the metadata itself.
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U. S. Geoscience Information Network
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Stephen M Richard
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416 W. Congress
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United States of America

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Published: Monday, April 9, 2012 | XML Metadata
Tutorial on GeoSciML-portrayal schema, data loading, and simple feature service deployment for interoperable web map services.
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Published: Thursday, June 9, 2011 | XML Metadata
The Reviewing Data for Online Delivery webinar covers topics on data delivery problems, the use of the templates and specifics about their worksheets, a brief review of the Identifiers and URI’s, and...

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Published: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 | XML Metadata
A brief overview on how to link data, obtain Identifiers, a look at the actual data and templates, and how to get your borehole data online. Video's part 1 - 5 Part 1 introduces and explains...

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Published: Monday, February 28, 2011 | XML Metadata
A brief overview on creating metadata records for resources in the US Geoscience Information Network (USGIN) and getting them in the system catalog. The catalog should include records for...

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