Exploring the use of off-the-shelf software to create an easy to use document repository that conforms to USGIN minimum metadata.



There are currently 401 submissions and 53 collections in our database.

Development Status

Welcome to the USGIN Repository. Please, contact us with questions, bug reports, and feature requests!

Currently supported features include:

  • File upload
  • Dashboard - your Collection and Resource administration interface
  • Collections - bins that hold metadata records which are collaboratively managed by a group of users
    • Collection administrators manage access to repository  records included in their collection
  • Metadata - generic, minimum useful metadata record (based on Dublin Core, ISO 19139, FGDC)
    • Metadata UUID generation
    • Geographic extent mapping (minimum bounding rectangle) through Google Maps and OpenLayers
    • Metadata URI generation based on USGIN URI schema 
  • Templates - make new resource submission based on a pre-populated templates
  • Clone - clone an existing submission  (will purge some fields)
  • Email notifications
  • ISO 19139 XML export
  • FGDC XML export

Features wish list:

  • Faceted search - with or without Solr and Lucene indexing
  • Repository metadata to CSW bridge
  • BibTex or DC XML metadata support
  • Batch loading of resources